WoodsEDGE Blackburg Virginia


What is Warm Hearth Village?
Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, Warm Hearth Village (WHV) is a nonprofit retirement community that offers a full continuum of care. Its mission is "fostering a person-centered approach to aging in an inclusive environment that redefines retirement.” Warm Hearth Village is the sponsor of WoodsEdge, which is located on the WHV campus.

What is a continuum of care?
A continuum of care includes living options and choices to meet your needs. We offer active adult and independent living as well as all levels of care from assisted living to memory care and skilled and long-term nursing care. The advantage of living in a community with a continuum of care is the ability to remain in the same community as your needs change.

What is  the “100-Year Plan” I have heard about?
The founders of Warm Hearth Village, Wybe and Marietje Kroontje, were true visionaries. As their dream of creating a senior living community unlike any other began to take shape, the Kroontjes created a 100-year plan for development. The first quarter century of the plan focused on establishing a continuum of care that included independent living, assisted living, memory care and long-term nursing care. That phase of the plan was completed in 2000 with the opening of the Kroontje Health Care Center. The next phase called for the construction of single-family homes and a community center to unite all residents of the campus.

Who is allowed to use the Village Center?
The founder of Warm Hearth Village, Wybe Kroontje, originally envisioned the Village Center as the heart of the campus plan—a place that would encourage interaction among residents and enhance both physical and social wellness. The Village Center is available to all residents of WoodsEdge and Warm Hearth Village, as well as employees and the community through special events.

What do worry-free and hassle-free mean?
WoodsEdge homes are built almost exclusively with maintenance-free materials, meaning you won’t have the worry or hassle of frequent home repairs. The monthly homeowners’ association fee includes grounds maintenance and many routine maintenance services.

Do WoodsEdge residents have access to the health care resources of Warm Hearth Village?
Yes. WoodsEdge homeowners enjoy the best of both worlds. As a WoodsEdge homeowner, you will have a unique sense of security knowing that you will have priority access to the full range of health care services available on the Warm Hearth Village campus.

Can grandchildren visit or stay in my home?
Children, grandchildren and friends are welcome to visit and enjoy your beautiful home at WoodsEdge. Our convenants state that only age-qualified individuals may be full-time occupants of the homes at WoodsEdge.

How do I find out more about the Blacksburg community?
The Local Resources page on this website offers links to several community organizations.

Are there volunteer opportunities at Warm Hearth Village?
Yes. Warm Hearth Village welcomes volunteers to assist with a variety of activities and programs throughout the campus. Efforts are coordinated by the Director Volunteer Programs who can be reached by calling (540) 443-0407.