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What does it mean to have a respected institution of higher learning for a next-door neighbor? Well, for starters, you’ll enjoy many of the benefits of being a student—minus the homework and final exams. Audit a class, attend a lecture, enjoy a concert, learn something new. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to cheer on some of the best teams in the nation. A member of the elite Atlantic Coast Conference, Virginia Tech fields 21 teams in 13 different sports.

VT smallAnd in case you’re wondering just what, exactly, a “Hokie” is, it began with a term coined by O. M. Stull (class of 1896). Stull used it in a spirit yell he wrote for a competition, winning him the top prize of $5. Meant to express approval and excitement, you might think of it as a previous century’s “hooray.”